About us

The Foundation was instituted in 1986 by the artist’s widow Isabella Pakszwer Far and by Claudio Bruni Sakraischik, curator of the Giorgio de Chirico Catalogue of Works (1971-1987) with the aim of safeguarding and promoting Giorgio de Chirico’s art and intellectual work. After Isabella’s demise in November 1990, the Foundation inherited the painter’s apartment and the greater part of his artistic patrimony. The Foundation was recognized as a legal entity in 1993. The Giorgio de Chirico House Museum was opened to the public in 1998 after a careful restauration.

Paolo Picozza

Executive Committee
Paolo Picozza
Giulia Di Giulio (Vice Presidente)
Fabio Benzi
Lucio Francario
Gianluca Fusco
Tommaso Martinico

Scientific Council
Simonetta Antellini
Fabio Benzi
Willard Bohn
Lorenzo Canova
Jean Clair
Andrea Cortellessa
Paolo Picozza
Elena Pontiggia
Katherine Robinson
Vincenzo Trione

Legal Advisors
Pietro Rescigno
Lucio Francario
Gianluca Fusco

Simonetta Antellini – (Director)
Federica Polenta
Corrado Panico (custody)

Catalogue of works
Giorgia Chierici

Sabina D’Angelosante

Archive and Library
Alessia Hintz

Administration, loans and exhibitions
Valentina Zucchet

Technical Expertise and Conservation
Alessandro and Lycia Pavia

Non-invasive X-ray and Chemical Analysis
Stefano Ridolfi – “Ars Mensurae”

“Metaphysical Art – The de Chirico Journals”
Paolo Picozza – Editor-in Chief
Giuseppe Rivetti – General Manager

Scientific Council

The Foundation’s Scientific Council was instituted in February 2015. In line with its statutory mission of “safeguarding and promoting Giorgio de Chirico’s art and intellectual work”, the Council is contributing to the development of a comprehensive and well-structured program of research with the objective of furthering knowledge and making the Great Metaphysician’s oeuvre more widely known. The Council is composed of qualified modern art, contemporary art and philosophy scholars, who over the years have made Giorgio de Chirico’s art a focal point of their research:

Simonetta Antellini, Art Historian, degree in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature, Specialization Diploma in Medieval and Modern Art History. Director of the Giorgio de Chirico House Museum, Rome

Fabio Benzi, Professor of Contemporary Art History, Università “Gabriele d’Annunzio” di Chieti-Pescara

Willard Bohn, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of French and Comparative Literature, Illinois State University

Lorenzo Canova, Associated Professor of Contemporary Art History, Department of Liberal Arts, Social Sciences and Educational Sciences, Università degli Studi del Molise

Luciano Caramel, Art critic and historian, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Contemporary Art History, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano

Jean Clair, Art Historian, General Curator of Heritage and Curator of the Museums of France, Member of Académie française

Riccardo Dottori, Professor of Theoretical Philosophy, Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata, Rome

Paolo Picozza, President of Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico, previously Professor of Ecclesiastical Law, Università degli Studi di Macerata, formerly lawyer for Giorgio de Chirico and for his widow Isabella Pakszwer de Chirico

Elena Pontiggia, Professor of Contemporary Art History, Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan, Professor of Contemporary Art History, Faculty of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano

Katherine Robinson, graduate in Painting, Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Scientific Coordinator of the periodical “Metaphysical Art – The de Chirico Journals”

Vincenzo Trione, Professor of Art and Media, Università IULM, Milan and Department Head of Art and Tourism


The Foundations is actively involved in fulfilling the following key objectives:

  • Maintain and manage the Giorgio de Chirico House Museum where a significant selection of paintings and sculptures by the artist are on permanent exhibition;
  • Conserve, research and lend works from the Foundation’s art collection of paintings, sculptures and works on paper;
  • Endorse exhibitions and conferences;
  • Actively stem the phenomenon of forgery related to de Chirico’s work whilst cataloguing authentic works by the artist;
  • Collect and conserve documentation inherent to Giorgio de Chirico’s multi-faceted artistic production and literary work;
  • Management of the Giorgio de Chirico Archive, as well as the Claudio Claudio Bruni Sakraischik Archive, which conserve published and unpublished manuscripts by the artist and a wide range of documentary and photographic material dealing with his artistic activity and his personal life;
  • Publish previously the artist’s unpublished written work, including the translation of his literary oeuvre into different languages;
  • Publish "Metaphysical Art – The de Chirico Journals" a biennial periodical published in Italian and in English, distributed worldwide to eminent libraries, universities, art academies, museums and cultural institutions;
  • Award scholarships in order to encourage and support academic studies regarding Giorgio de Chirico’s art.


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Statement on financial year 2018