Giorgio de Chirico – Catalogue of Works vol. 4 (1913-1975)

Giorgio de Chirico
Catalogue of Works (1913-1975)
Maretti Editore - vol. 4/2018

In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Giorgio de Chirico’s passing, Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico, is pleased to announce the release of Giorgio de Chirico — Catalogue of Works (Vol. 4), published by Maretti Editore.

This fourth edition presents an additional 451 artworks deemed authentic by the Foundation published chronologically from 1913 to 1975.

Consistent to the first, second and third editions — Vol. 1/2014, Vol. 2/2015, Vol. 3/2016 – the present volume comprises only of artworks not included in Claudio Bruni Sakraischik’s original cataloguing process (Electa, Milan 1971-1987). The paintings, watercolours and drawings, with reproductions in colour and in black & white, further expand the panorama of de Chirico’s world with an accent placed on his wide-ranging work for the theatre as set and costume designer.

The current cataloguing process, which brings the total number of artworks published to 1831, is the result of the Foundation’s continuous in-depth research and study of the Pictor Optimus‘ iconographic subject matter and various stylistic periods. The identification of the artist’s authentic work constitutes one of the Foundation’s principal objectives in its endeavour to safeguard Giorgio de Chirico’s art and intellectual work; an activity which also contributes to the fight against the forgery of his artwork.

The Foundation’s ongoing commitment in the publication of the Catalogue of Works is aimed at offering art enthusiasts, collectors, scholars and experts a valid research tool for consultation and comparison, aimed at furthering knowledge of de Chirico’s work. As occurred with the first three volumes, the cataloguing of such a significant number of works, many little-known or that have as yet remained outside the realm of academic research, will undoubtedly play an important role in the advancement of the study of the artist’s work.

The 512-page volume includes an introductory essay by Lorenzo Canova, a foreword by Paolo Picozza, President of Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico, the full-length previously unknown version of Giorgio de Chirico’s essay Zeuxis the Explorer (March 1918), recently discovered by Valentina Malerba (Raffaelli Editore, Rimini 2018), a brief biography on the artist and a summary of the Foundation’s activity.

A bibliography for the artworks in the catalogue, with the exception of previously unpublished works, includes references from the principal monographs, exhibition catalogues, periodicals and auction house catalogues (from the 1980s on) in the form of a separate dossier. The bibliography with updated references for the first three volumes is also included herein. For further information, see

Maretti Editore, Falciano (RSM) 2016
Language: italiano, inglese
Artworks: n. 1380-1831
Pages: 472
ISBN: 978-88-98855-78-0
Cover: G. de Chirico, Muse metafisiche, 1918
, Fondazione Francesco Federico Cerruti per l’Arte Collection, on long-term loan to Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Rivoli-Turin